the alomst drowing

I thought that if I slipped off the back end of the boat into the water I would drown. I was a young red-headed boy who at ten years old I was invincible and no harm could come to me. My best friends Billy, Bobby, and I were like the three musketeers. We were always looking for adventure and it was  late this one summer afternoon when we found it. Hidden in some very thick bushes real close to the shore at  Hathaway’s pond.

But, just as we were to further discover our find a loud hollering was  heard. It was someone hollering that Billy’s dad wanted him home immediately. Not disturbing anything we all agreed to meet tomorrow and each ran to our home.

As usual I was up and ready and evening was up waiting for Billy and Bobby  by the stonewall in our back yard. After waiting for what seemed like hours I grew restless and began to wonder if my friends had left me behind and went to try out the boats.

I decided to go and check out the boats on my own. When I arrived at the spot where the boats were hidden no-one was there. Feeling like a big shot I decided to try out the small flat-boat. there was no ores, but nearby I found a long pole and set it and the boat in the water. On my visual inspection everything was okay. The boat had a little water in it so I took off my sneakers and rolled up my dungarees. I climbed into the boat and began moving out into the pond, but when I was out a good distance from shore is when it happened.

I turned my head and observed one of my sneakers was floating out and away from back of the boat. I reached for it and the boat flipped over and into the brownish water I went. Down, down I went, it was like I was in a slow motion picture, then I felt this soft mud and it felt very deep. I opened my eyes and could barely see the lighter part that was the surface. In my mind I could picture all kinds of creatures grabbing me. frightened I began to move my arms and freed my feet and was kicking as hard as possible.

Suddenly there it was very close the boat and it was upside down. Reaching for it I grabbed a part of the boat, but all that happened was the boat just rolled over and down I went again. I continued to kick my feet and grabbed the boat again. Looking at the flat bottom of the boat I decided to position myself at the foot and try to slid up the bottom. After three try’s I was able to get my body half way up on the bottom.

As I remained very still I started to cry out for help and cough up the water I had swallowed.

Suddenly I heard a voice say your going to be alright. I remembered being pulled into a boat and then I was put into a police car and brought home.

I still was not afraid of the water, got punished severely. Since then I learned to swim and about life jackets and what to do if your boat tips.


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