Words of Wisdom

The year was 1971 an I was in nursing training at Worcester City Hospital, All of us students met with the nursing instructor as she repeated the can does and the cannot do. I was like a rule breaker when the right person encouraged me and this one instance I acted without her approval, I left my assigned area an was doing someone’s assigned job and yes I got caught. when I met up with my instructor she read the rules to me and then what she said next was what had greatest impact on me and my career. My instructor stated, ” that because I was a male nurse that many would call on me to help others to get their job done and there would be no one to come and help me get my job done. So you have to decide if your going to become the best trained professional nurse or you would become a well trained orderly(nursing assistant). Make have to make up your mind.”
At first the lecture didn’t stick with me until one day while caring for my patient two nurses from another unit requested me right now to go get their male patients up and to shave them. Then it hit me and remembered what my instructor had said. Immediately I went to her and repeated what I was ordered to do. My instructor just looked at me and said, ” no, you can’t be ordered by anyone but her.”
Later I found out they had got in trouble because they left their patients and did not finish there care. The supervisor said nursing students on the unit get orders from there instructor, not floor nurses.
The lesson I learned from that instructor has been burned into my memory and through the years have found it to be my greatest assett. I have become a very valuable team player, a professional leader, caring teacher and patient advocate.
My career to today has been rewarding and always is re-enforced with a patient smile or when someone says, “thank you”.


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