A Wonderful Memory

I remember this one Saturday morning like it was yesterday. It was early in the morning I got up and quickly dressed I peered out the window to find a mystic light fog. It appeared as everything was covered with a heavy dew which just sparkled in the morning light the dew made one think it had rained. Curiously I could feel some great adventure beginning to stir within me. Outside I went out side walking through our back yard, I climbed on the stone wall and scanned for any snakes.

In no time I headed done a path that is an extension to Herrick’s Lane. A few minutes of walking I came upon one area of which always frightened me. This area was shallow with clumps of grass that were surrounded by black muddy water. In my mind where one could find anything from a snakes, large green frogs, and lizards. They were there to pounce on me and eat me alive. Approaching slowly and scanning the area. I began to jump from grass clump to grass clump. Just when I jumped for the next clump of grass, it happened! Something grabbed me and down I went. First I screamed out in panic and began to thrash about. But I calmed down a little and realized I was still alive and that I was caught up in a fallen branch. Jumping to my feet I begin to run.

My pants, shirt, and sneaker were soaked. Running only a short distance to a clearing area just ahead of me. Stopping and surveying the area to see if anything was there or following me. There was nothing but me and the silence as the fog was lifting. As the fog cleared an just a few steps away was a rather patch of wild blackberry bushes which were heavy with large and plump blackberries. Reaching out and trying to grab a handful of berries they would fall off. My breakfast was ready. My mouth was full of juicy blackberries and as I grabbed for more and not fully aware of my surroundings. I was about to grab another handful of berries as I froze in my tracks, there in front of me was my worst fear curled up and laying in the berry bush I was headed toward. The largest black snake I had seen in my life. My fright and flight defense set in. Suddenly feeling like a gazelle I was running and jumping like the same time.

A farmer that owned this part of the lane kept his cows there. There was a gate it was up climbing to the top bar I sat there very still checking my self out for snake bites. Finally catching my breath the silence was broken, by this loud bellowing sound it came from behind me. I began to scream and it was about the same time I noticed there was a big old milk cow standing in the bushes. She repeated the loud noise a few times as if to say, “hello”.

Now feeling brave knowing that the cow was in the lane I climbed down and preceded. To a spot not to far down there was a natural bubbling spring which was always icy cold in no time I was slurping my fill of this sparkling tasty fresh cold water.

After I was satisfied I returned to the fence and climbed over it and begin to climb the hill to get a better view of the valley. On a clear day one could see the center of Millbury. Approaching the top I sat down on top of the ledge. The fog was clearing and I was able to see the town hall right in Millbury. I felt like a king over looking his kingdom. The silence added to my imagination it reminded me of a story from a history class about the kings coming home after the crusades. Approached from a distance there country side and castle lay ahead.

Even today with my studying hypnosis and past life regression one of the introduction’s start with having you imaging your on top of the very grassy green on a clear day and you are able to look out over the valley below. With all that lay before me and even with the interruptions it’s the quite, the tranquility, the fresh air, and the peaceful feeling that comes over me.


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