Camping Out Scare

At 9 years of age I was daring and would do most anything. My buddies were talking about camping. We were actually going to sleep in the old shed my friends and I has called a fort.

After getting my parents to say okay my mother said, “Being that it’s your first time you might become scared.”

I insisted, “I’ll be just fine! We were going to be in the shed behind Billy’s house”

I grabbed my pillow and set out to meet my buddies at the shed where we’d left our sleeping gear.

We went and set on the front porch and talked about the all the new adventures we were looking forward to. Before we realized it, the darkness was upon us. Billy’s mother came to the door and said, ” Good night boys.” We went straight back to the shed with flashlights in hand. .

The excitement of camping seemed to affect us all sleep just wasn’t to happen. Restless and unable to sleep we shared stories that we saw at the movies.

Meantime a storm was near and the wind picked up, with lightening and very loud crackling thunder. The noise was so loud that I began to wonder if my father and mother were safe.

Although I was attempting to be brave I felt like something was going to happen and I would not see my parents or sisters again.

Then the storm was gone, but my level of worrying wasn’t and before I knew it I began to cry. First, I was crying into my pillow but Bobby asked me, ” Are you okay?”

I couldn’t stop crying to answer him. Then without a second thought I got up and announced, “I’m going home!”.

I left the shed, running home as fast as I could and crying all the way. Arriving home all the lights were out and the door was locked. Still upset I went around to my mother’s bedroom window and I just tapped once and there she was. She opened the door and right to my bedroom I went as I climbed into bed my mother stuck her head in and said, “Good night.”

Nothing was said at breakfast until my sisters asked, “How did you like camping out?”

My mother looked at me and said, “You had a good time didn’t you?” with a wink and a smile on her face she continued her breakfast.

I have camped out my times since but for the longest time the fear came back of not seeing my family again.


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