My Favorite Teacher

I was attending Quinsiamond Community College in Worcester Massachusetts for some extra credit and got through the grape-vine of this instructor who with her husband owned and operated a funeral home. As I was heading in to Nursing this course would be an asset. From the very first class the way Doctor Joe explained the objectives and goals of the class I felt like learning was going to be easily understood.
For homework we had to write our own obituary and it went from their. Then came the self exploring exercises and the oral projects on events of what we felt happened from the first day of death through the funeral home process and the burial.
We ventured into a dying person would say to their children.
Surprise we were going to be with a fellow student who was dying. This person didn’t find out that she was dying till after her second trimester of her pregnancy. Megoblastic Cyma was her diagnosis. The class really worked together to help and learn at the same time. Doctor Joe was very supportive to the student and each one of us in the class.
During the course we got to visit her funeral home and ask questions of Doctor Joe’s family. Then toured the whole funeral parlor from the ground up with each area well explained. No funerals were in progress at the time of our tour.
The last class was being able to see what this dying student had made in the form of a video. It was called “Letters To My Daughter” and I can say it was done very lovingly and professionally and was done at Worcester State Teachers College in Worcester Massachusetts.
I felt like everyone in the class had become a close family member and with Doctor Jos professional way of sharing this subject with a class of 20 students was so memorable. The lessons became very useful in later years and I and ever so thankful.


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