The Ring

Getting away after shopping on this beautiful spring day a newly wed ventured down the lane. Where on this knoll a resting spot did she find and while sitting there a large white rabbit approached. Out of the bag of groceries did she pull a carrot and proceeded to break off pieces and feed the rabbit. One part of the carrot was very mushy taking of her ring and rubbing her hands in the grass to clean it suddenly her eyes caught something coming toward her fast she jumped up and began to run. When safely home a neighbor came by and they sat down and talked about the up coming party. Late that evening as she was dressing for the party she realized her wedding ring was gone. Where was it she thought!
It was way down the lane lay her gold wedding ring. Many people walk down the lane passing by it. But strangely through the fields came a large white rabbit partially covered in mud. He stopped and sat down on the ring as closer and closer a loud thunderstorm approached.
The white rabbit sat motionless on the ring down the lane.